April 11, 2015

Personal trainer assisting with an exercise

How To Become A Personal Trainer

Reshaping a Client with Excessive Weight Gain… Inside and Out

Excess weight can be a serious ball and chain for an obese client. They are the subject of cruel jokes and disproving frowns. These extra size people mean no harm but are battered and bruised inside on almost daily basis. They’re made to feel ashamed of themselves and must endure vicious attacks on their self-esteem […] i q option

Personal Trainer Education

It’s so easy to think of a personal trainer as being fxpro mt4 download nothing more than a jock or a glorified gym rat. People latch on to that impression and it is not a fair one and all. No, personal trainers are not a pack of muscle-bound, self-absorbed crazies in the gym. This is a rather serious […]

Personal Training and Nutrition

Feeding the Masses the Right Way Training for competition fxpro trading is never easy. There are a lot of long hours that go into getting ready for a major sporting event, or for an entire season of facing off against an opposing team. It’s easy for an athlete to become worn down and compete at less than […]

Fatigue is the Enemy!

Inside most of your personal training clients is the soul of an Olympiad. They have a desire to reach for new heights and achieve their physical goals. For all the good intentions, however, there are some firm realities. Intensive workouts can exhaust a body quickly, draining all energy from a person and reducing optimal outcomes. […]

Personal Trainers and Mud Runs

Trampin’ in a Mud Slide. Two Tramps in Mud Time is a poem written by Robert Frost. There is no poetry in a mud run, but the struggle is an art form all by itself as it pits a person against wild and crazy challenges. Mud runs are a test and folks want to run […]